Cathcart the Intrepid Part 18 by John Linney

A large ruddy faced woman strode out into the yard and took hold of the horses harness.

‘Harold it’s good to see you. I assume your companion is young Cathcart? She said shaking Harold’s hand vigourously. 
‘Well bless my soul! If it isn’t Hetty Myers. Cathcart, allow me to introduce Henrietta Myers. Our family have business contracts with Myers Dye works in Calderside. Hetty was a tear away in her youth before being sent to finishing school in Paris. She was recruited thanks to a perceptive tutor at that school and set to work in the intelligence service. She now has risen to lofty heights in the organisation and is not without influence!’ Harold said getting down from the carriage.
‘You flatter me Harold. I merely coordinate operations and ensure outcomes are met. It is a pleasure to meet you young Cathcart. You have fallen into a world of gangs, drug smuggling and organised crime. I cannot pretend it isn’t a dangerous and life threatening path you have set forth on. Cho Lin Lee is a cruel and powerful man. His empire is vast, efficient and wealthy. He will not let our operation hamper his without blood being shed. You are very much a marked man Mr Travers. We must see this through however as we really have no choice. It’s kill or be killed’. 
They walked inside to the kitchen where a fresh pot of tea and some scones awaited the new guests. I took my overcoat off and hung it on the back of a chair next to the table. The kitchen was warm but cluttered. Maps, bundles of paper and notebooks we’re strewn across the table. I took a plate and a scone.
‘I know you didn’t ask for all of this. You have been thrust into a world of danger, violence and mistrust. Your aptitude for survival and effective decision making skills have not gone unnoticed’ she said pouring the tea into large earthenware mugs. 
‘Aptitude for what exactly? I was virtually press ganged into being involved. Every step along the way, someone is anticipating my next move. How do you all know me so well!?”
Hetty smiled and passed a mug of tea to me.
‘Its our job to anticipate. The oriental triad gangs are ruthless and determined. They will watch our every move and also anticipate. We must ensure we’re one step ahead’ she replied. 
As the last words were spoken, the farmhouse door burst open . We all jumped to our feet. A voice called out from the yard. A familiar voice. But why would he be here? 
‘Theyre coming for you. Give the figurine to me and I will ensure that there is no bloodshed. You have very little time!’ 
‘We haven’t got it here. It’s in London, at the ministry. Digby, you are in grave danger. If Mr Lee’s companions don’t shoot you, the werewolf will rip you to shreds. Honour your family and walk away now’ Harold shouted. 
There was a loud CRACK, a bright flash in the open doorway of the farmhouse and then…