Cathcart the Intrepid part 13 by John Linney

The wolf man gripped me in his gaze. Was this Dalglish or even Cobain. My money was on the former given the beast had a reddish glow to his fur.  I could tell that his menu may at some point include me, a fact which caused me to react instinctively. I drew a revolver from the breast pocket of my coat. I pointed the weapon at the werewolf. It bared its massive teeth glinting in the candle light of the booth. I leaped to my feet whilst discharging my weapon. The beast slumped over the table instantly returning to the human form of Dalglish in the process. My employers had thankfully equipped me silver bullets ( to cover every eventuality?). Cobain at that point, rushed out of the shadows towards the slumped,still, body .
‘Lee Ho seize that man instantly. We must not let him leave the club!’ he yelled.
The servant moved briskly towards me but stopped short as I pointed the gun in his direction.
I began to back away from the assembled onlookers moving my gun across the highly receptive congregation. I had rarely retained this many peoples attention before.
I moved towards the club entrance covering any slight movement forwards. I noticed there were two gas lamps lighting the corridor. I put my hand on the doorknob, opened it behind me and fired at the wall lamps as I stepped out into the cold night. The club was plunged into darkness as I slammed the door, turned and ran into the docks. The night was cold in that sharp almost painful manner. I felt the warmth of adrenalin coursing through my veins enabling me to flee rapidly. I ran and ran towards the direction of the warehouse. Templeton would be able to help me surely? As I rounded the corner of the warehouse building, I noticed two figures stepping out of the doorway.
What looked like Templeton was remonstrating furiously with a thicker set, older man.
‘He could be dead by now for all we know. We sent him to confront supernatural creatures on the premise that he was helping his country. You of all people, should hang your head in shame’ he said.
The older man still with his back to me, faced Templeton.
‘My brother Arthur has always wanted his bloody hopeless sons to make a go of their lives. I knew nowt good would come of our Cathcart. He’s a soft, woolly headed lumucks and frankly Arthur and Constance would be more proud of a dead hero than a living liability’ Uncle Harold boomed into Templeton’s face from close range.
What in Gods name was he doing here?
I ran towards the two men, Harold turning quickly as I approached.
‘Cathcart lad, we were worried about you. Have you cracked the case down at the club?’ he said hurriedly
I grasped him firmly by the forearms and shoved him against the warehouse door. He appeared alarmed by my forthright handling.
‘Soft and Woolly Uncle? is that your character assessment? This was a set up wasn’t it? well WASN’T IT!’
I heard running footsteps behind me and then………………

Cathcart the Intrepid Part 12 by Michael Lloyd

…..Misser Dargleesh, Misser Dargleesh “
We turned as one towards the source of the noisy and urgent interruption. Another Oriental gentleman advanced hurriedly towards our table.
“Ah, Misser Dargleesh, your table reddy, plivate room as usaual, number free on door, follow me Misser San….. Oh more than two…. it no problam…but you now free to dine ? I lay nother place ? ”
“No that is fine LeeHO, Mr Waters was merely joining us for a drink….Whisky Sun Down LeeHO, Whisky Sun Down ”
LeeHO smiled broadly and bowed towards me
“WhiskyZunDarn” he repeated several times simultaneously turning to lead his charges towards their private dining room.
Dalglish turned towards me and offered his hand. ” I am confident we will meet again Mr Waters” I hesitate to suggest an air of menace veiled his words.
” I will look forward to it Sir” I replied with as much enthusiasm as I could summon without appearing false.
Dalglish and Cobain disappeared from view, as they slipped into the shadows
I sat down, perplexed but relieved. I drained the Scotch from the glass and took the liberty of re-filling a generous measure from the decanter abandoned upon the table. I reached within my coat pocket for my cigarette case. As I lit the cigarette I noticed my trembling fingers. I looked around to see if I was being watched. There were others within the premises: but they were paying me no account. I drew in the smoke deeply and tried to relax. I glanced this way and that, noticed the boothed seating areas of dark velvet and darker wood, and how the ceiling lights spaced at random intervals left some of the booths in near darkness. I sipped at the whisky feeling it burn as it gravitated and idly took notice of my surroundings. I watched as waiters hurried back and forth, bringing drinks and offering menus. It was then that I saw LeeHO again, emerging from the direction in which he had led Cobain and Dalglish. He walked towards the darkened booths. At a point on the edge of darkness he stopped and bowed three times before producing a menu and passing it into the recess of the booth, an area that however lit afforded comfort and seclusion. I was amused to imagine somebody sitting in such gloom. I could see LeeHO fumbling for some object, and then realised he had found his matches as for a fleeting second the area turned from near dark to a yellowish daylight.
In that fleeting second I saw the visage of something otherworldly that shall haunt me for the rest of my mortal span.
Framed in my mind like the supernatural work of some demonic painter, In that instant I saw The Oriental lit by Vestas and more importantly… the object of his attention. Even now I can hardly bring myself to believe in what I saw ; it must have been a trick of the light, the effect of shock, or whisky….. No, I know what I saw.
I Saw A WereWolf with a Chinese Menu In His Hand…
………………and then